London Called and I Answered

It’s currently 8PM LA time. I’m on my flight to London. I spent most of the day dreading getting on this plane; 12 hour flights are not the most fun thing. I even held my mom up at the airport saying goodbye because I was dreading going to London.

I’m not someone who likes change. I like as little change as possible. I’ve been eating the same food for years, I’ve had the same phone and phone company for years; after shopping at Forever 21 since I was 11, I just barely made a switch. I hate change. I hate things changing. And moving to England is obviously a huge change.

My past three weeks in LA felt like a year. I was with my friends and family and enjoying my time at home. When I’m at school, I spread myself so thin I rarely have time to relax, so going home is my safe haven. At home, I can sleep in later than 6AM (and I don’t have to rush to my 8AM classes.) I got through Sherlock, Parks and Rec, and Cosmos during my three weeks. I saw my family a few times and spent the holidays with them. It was nice. It was great, really.

So now, leaving paradise for four months is heartbreaking. I won’t see the sun for four months. I won’t see my family for four months. I won’t see my cat for four months (held back a sob writing that – crazy cat lady?)

On the bright side, I’m moving to fucking London. LONDON. LONDON. This has been my dream since I was 12. Since I finalized this in September, this day is all I’ve dreamt about. I have about 7 hours until I land at Heathrow and I’m nervous and excited and scared and anxious and every other weird emotion. I don’t know how tomorrow is going to go, I’m going to try and navigate the city alone to get to my little apartment. I’ll probably refrain from posting this so I can update you all on my journey through London.

If I’m trying to be sappy, which I’m not, I’d talk about all the things I want to do and see within the four months I’m there. Right now, my priority is finding cheap Fall Out Boy tickets (they’re doing a show in the city next week.) Fingers crossed that works out. Fuck it, I’ll be sappy.

I hope I explore parts of London I’ve never seen in photos or on TV. I hope I’m able to find friends that I get along with and travel with on the weekends. I hope I get to venture to other parts of Europe (Paris and Dublin are a must.) I hope I’m able to grow as a person and learn a bit more about myself.

There we have it.


I’m just posting this today though it was written on Tuesday. I know I said I’d write a follow up but I’m severely jet lagged so I promise it’ll be up soon.

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