Allow me to Introduce Myself

Hi everyone. So… This is my first post here. I created this blog because everyone told me that when living abroad, you should blog your experiences. But I didn’t want to just blog about my 4 months in London and then leave forever. I wanted to do something that let me talk about anything and everything; topics ranging from London to Harry Styles to new music to cats. (Yes, those are basically my only interests.)

To introduce myself to the blogosphere (sorry) I’m compiling a list of “fun facts” (sorry again) about myself. I haven’t made up a set number or anything, I’m basically just going till I run out of things I can say about myself. Side note: I swear, I’m not this self-centered, I just feel like if you’re going to read about intimate details about my life, you should know a bit about me first. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Gabby.

1. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California (AKA Heaven on Earth.)

2. I’m twenty years old and a Gemini.

3. I met Ryan Gosling once and life hasn’t been the same since.1001037_585706684784878_1050774842_n-2

4. My cat, Scout, is the most important person in my life (and yes – I said ‘person’.)


5. I may or may not be a crazy cat lady.

6. I also have a dog, Darcy, who wears sweaters 24/7.IMG_4259

7. I go to school in Washington, D.C.

8. I’ve been to the White House three times.

9. I have yet to meet President Obama (though I’ve had the chance three times.)

10. I need at least four cups of coffee to function.

11. One time I ran into Mila Kunis at the supermarket and it was awkward.

12. Bastille have Bastille’d my heart – I cannot get enough of their music.

13. Pretty much every article of clothing I own is black.

14. I did ballet for about 13 years – I miss it everyday.

15. Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are the two most beautiful men in all of history.

16. I am annoyingly liberal – sorry not sorry (sorry for that.)

17. I’m also a raging feminist.

18. I am horrible at texting and tend to respond about 5 days later.

19. I compulsively check my email, just in case someone randomly offers me a job.

20. I’m not afraid to admit that I still sleep with a stuffed animal (Simba from “The Lion King”.)

21. I really enjoy drinking alcohol – my drink of choice is whiskey (Jameson only, please.)

22. I love The Office and Parks and Rec.

23. My family is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina (please don’t bring up the World Cup.)

24. I have a 220-page word document of poems on my computer, yet I’ve never shared them with anyone.

25. I’m embarrassingly awkward and nerdy yet I accept that it’s who I am.

I honestly could’ve kept going but I doubt anyone has actually made it to the end of this. So, if you’re still here, thanks for putting up with my weird factoids and I hope you found them witty/weird/funny/sad/whatever. Also, I hope this doesn’t scare you off from reading my blog in the future. Happy reading, friends.

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